Promenade to the Old Port

The old port of Chania, which dates from the 14th century and built by the Venetians, is surrounded by a promenade lined with traditional restaurants and cafés; it is one of the most visited attractions, mostly in the summer and completely enchanting at night. There are the arsenals, where Venetian galleys were repaired, and a yachting marina. And of course there is the lighthouse – designed by an Egyptian architect in 1839 and strangely resembling a minaret. The Maritime Museum and the Firkas Fortress are located across the water from the lighthouse.

Hiking on the Samaria Gorge

Crossing the famous Samaria Gorge, one of Europe’s most impressive natural landscapes, comes close to the rich, wild nature of the White Mountains National Park of Crete. The Samaria Gorge has rightly become one of the iconic hiking destinations in Europe. With a length of 16 km, it stretches from a plateau in the White Mountains of Crete to the Libyan Sea, it is the largest canyon in Greece and is part of the E4 hiking trail that crosses Europe. It is a trip that has now become a rite of passage for those who want to explore the contrasted area of ​​Chania

Wine tasting

Enjoy the wines and flavors of Crete: enjoy the Cretan countryside and the Cretan wine production process! One of the places to taste fine wine is the village of Malaxa, the site of the vineyard and winery where you will have the opportunity to explore the vineyards, learn how wine is made and also taste traditional varieties of wine and tsikoudia. It is served with traditional and delicious appetites!

Chania boat trips

Thousands of visitors every year enjoy Crete and its magical seas, with boats and ships that take them to its most hidden places. In many cases, events and pirate excursions are organized! Sail its crystal clear turquoise waters on a private cruise from Chania to discover the magic of this wonderful island.

Cretan cuisine

The Cretan traditional cuisine is today known all over the world with dozens of unique recipes for all tastes. Cretan cuisine has centuries of tradition but it remains authentic over time. Some of the dishes that are common in Crete are gamopilafo with rice cooked in goat broth, ntakos with tomato and mizithra cheese and the unique smoked apaki, and more to explore of the dozens more authentic Cretan dishes.


The absolute must for your vacation in Chania is this world-famous, double-sided beach, or to be more precise, lagoon. It is located in the northwestern part of Chania and has been designated as a Natura 2000 area for endangered species. It features a feast of crushed pink shells and white sand, with shallow, turquoise waters - ideal for children and families.


Elafonissi beach is similar to Balo (also in a lagoon). It has shallow, turquoise waters and pink sand, and is ideal for small children. Elafonissi is located in southwestern Chania and it is a popular destination for families, but also for surfers and kite surfers. Another similarity with Balo is that it is a natural refuge for endangered species.

Seitan Limani beach

Another ideal spot for swimming (on the north coast, east of the city of Chania) is Seitan Port beach. Ideally, you will go early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it is not crowded. The name of the beach means "Devil's Harbor" because of the wind, while to reach this amazing beach you will need to go down a path for 20 minutes. What to look out for besides the sea and the landscape? But of course the kri-kri!


Marathi beach is not only beautiful but also easily accessible. Here you will do water sports, such as kayaking and SUP, and you will enjoy the view of the little island of Paleosunda (you can get there by swimming). Marathi with its fine sand is divided in two by a pier and it has shallow water that makes this ideal for children. If you are still hungry after swimming, there are seaside taverns with seafood.

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