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Old Town, Chania
Balos beach, Crete

Welcome to the historic Village of Galatas

Born and raised in our grandparent’s small village and inspired by the authentic Cretan tradition, we created the Marina Chania Villas to keep the tradition alive and allow you to experience the traditional hospitality and spend your vacations as locals.

Leveraging the strategic position of Galatas —between mountains and the sea, close to the national road—choosing Marina Chania Villas enables you to travel to both the West and East sides of the island, living the authentic Cretan experience at its fullest.

Visit us to discover our small village’s authentic, charming beauty surrounded by orange trees, olive groves, and a precious sense of warmth.

Marina & Vallia

Our Villas are decorated with dark wood furniture and high-quality fabrics following authentic Cretan traditional decoration.

from €205
from €205 110m2 1-6 person

Elegant villa with a private pool, furnished sun terrace, and lush garden.

from €100
from €100 110m2 1-6 person

Elegant villa with a private pool, furnished sun terrace, and lush garden.

Garden view

You can relax on the balcony with a view of the garden and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Quiet hours

You can enjoy complete privacy and tranquility because of the position of the villas.

Best Locations

Chania is famous for its exotic and family-friendly beaches, cultural landmarks (especially in the Old Town), and Cretan cuisine.

Big Size for families

Ideal for families with enough space (110m²), they are a perfect heaven for relaxation in complete privacy!

Payment Options

There are multiple choices to pay easily and quickly. Maximum payment security.

Private Pool

There is a furnished sun terrace and lush garden with a beautiful private pool, where you can enjoy family moments.

Traditional Tastes


It originates from Chania. It is a classic Christmas dessert, crunchy with syrup and delicious. It does not have eggs, so they are fastable.


Ntakos is dry bread with the main ingredient the tomato and it comes with Myzithra cheese, fragrant oregano, and olives. The dish is ready!


If you try this special cheese for the first time, you will fall in love with it. Ideal for spaghetti, eggs, or pilaf. It is also used as an accompaniment.


Cretan charcuterie, with an intense flavor, is made from brisket. They marinate it with strong herbs. It also contains vinegar.


Myzithra (or cream cheese), cinnamon, and honey are the three main ingredients, and they are the filling inside of a bun.


It is probably the most characteristic food of Crete. The so-called hochlioi are made into a stew, in the pan or in the oven with salt and herbs.

Famous Beaches


The absolute must for your vacation in Chania is this world-famous, double-sided beach, or to be more precise, lagoon. It is located in the northwestern part of Chania and has been designated as a Natura 2000 area for endangered species. It features a feast of crushed pink shells and white sand, with shallow, turquoise waters – ideal for children and families.

Access: 20-minute walk or 90-minute boat ride from Kissamos

Distance from Chania: 56 km


Elafonissi beach is similar to Balo (also in a lagoon). It has shallow, turquoise waters and pink sand, and is ideal for small children. Elafonissi is located in southwestern Chania and it is a popular destination for families, but also for surfers and kite surfers. Another similarity with Balo is that it is a natural refuge for endangered species.

Access: By road or via the E4 hiking trail from Paleochora

Distance from Chania: 75 km


This beach (named after a nearby cedar forest) is a secluded stretch of white sand coast. It has deep blue water; in one part of it, you will find trees that provide natural shade. And this beach is excellent for relaxing and resting, and it has become a popular spot for kite surfing. It is very crowded, so you must go early in the morning. Make sure you have the necessary things with you since the beach is not organized.

Access: By road & a short walk

Distance from Chania: 74 km

Seitan Limani

Another ideal spot for swimming (on the north coast, east of the city of Chania) is Seitan Port beach. Ideally, you will go early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it is not crowded. The name of the beach means “Devil’s Harbor” because of the wind, while to reach this amazing beach you will need to go down a path for 20 minutes. What to look out for besides the sea and the landscape? But of course the kri-kri!

Access: By road & 20 minutes on foot

Distance from Chania: 22 km


Marathi beach is not only beautiful but also easily accessible. Here you will do water sports, such as kayaking and SUP, and you will enjoy the view of the little island of Paleosunda (you can get there by swimming). Marathi with its fine sand is divided in two by a pier and it has shallow water that makes this ideal for children. If you are still hungry after swimming, there are seaside taverns with seafood. 

Access: By road

Distance from Chania: 18 km


Passing to the west coast of Crete, you will find Falassarna with a large selection of water sports (jet-ski, SUP, windsurfing, paragliding), ideal for all ages. Essentially this beach is a composition of large and some smaller sandy beaches. What will you find – apart from an impressive landscape? Big waves when it’s windy and some of the clearest water you’ve ever seen. However, we recommend that you stay until late, to enjoy cocktails at sunset, creating a memory that will surely be unforgettable!

Access: By road

Distance from Chania: 51 km